flyExclusive Announces New Jet Club

Program provides unique private jet access and increased capacity in the marketplace.

KINSTON, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- flyExclusive, 7th the largest private jet operator in the United States announced today its new Jet Club program, which is a compliment to its successful Aircraft Partnership programs.

The Jet Club is developed to continue flyExclusive’s rapid fleet growth and enhance the consistency and availability of flyExclusive’s private aviation services. The program enables Jet Club members proprietary access to the flyExclusive fleet after a one-time purchase and pay-as-you go access, with significantly lower hourly rates. The program is modeled to attract private jet consumers who want access similar to aircraft ownership, but with lower costs and none of the complexities.

"The Jet Club is a strategic initiative in our overall growth plans for rapid fleet development, further enhancing our customer experience, and adding a robust capability within our brand,” said Jim Segrave, founder and owner of flyExclusive. "Jet Club members will have unique access to our fleet, create long-term savings and will enjoy a personal level of service and curated programs traditionally reserved for aircraft ownership partners."

flyExclusive owns and operates 48 aircraft, all currently comprised of Citation Encore, Citation Excel, Citation Sovereign and Citation X aircraft. The company plans to grow the fleet to 65 aircraft, including the addition of long-range aircraft and European and Pacific capabilities, by the end of 2020. flyExclusive is currently the 7th largest private jet charter operator in the US based on hours flown and continues to grow those hours based on strong relationships with other operators and sellers of private jet access who utilize the flyExclusive fleet.

About flyExclusive

flyExclusive is an owner/operator with services provided to the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, Central America and South America. flyExclusive pioneered point-to-point fleet operations, proprietary quoting technologies and operational expertise in delivering safe, reliable and competitive solutions for its customers. flyExclusive is ARGUS Platinum and Wyvern Wingman certified and executes in accordance with a fully integrated SMS platform in its maintenance and operations.

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Brad Blettner, 859-380-4931

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